LIS-S48 Interiors Cleaner

Foam washer with package dispenser



The interiors cleaners LIS-SV48 is created from the union of two machines: the foam interiors cleaner and the self-vending dispenser.

Foam interiors cleaner:
The foam interiors cleaner is suitable to wash the inside car seats. It is the ideal solution to clean the dirt which expanded on the surface. It is not suitable for deep-seated dirt. The cloth will require just a few moments to dry.
Attention: it is not suitable for leather seats.
Programme 1: using the specific brush, spray the foam onto  the surface to be cleaned, and make a mechanic rubbing action.
Programme 2: using the specific brush, suck the residual foam on the washed surface.

Self-Vending dispenser:
The machine can dispense two types of articles, which can be pre-packaged in an hard or soft wrapper (products into envelopes, perfumes for car, or other accessories of different shapes), or items that can be delivered without any packaging, such as wire brushes (for personal use and reusable) or seats cover (to be used when, during the cleaning, the seats remain wet).
Attention: the self-vending machine cannot dispense food or pressurized containers.
Programmes 3 and 4: It allows to dispense the selected product.


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