In spite of its great practicality, technologically, our centralised vacuum cleaner systems are composed of a number of elements such as: filtering unit and mechanical separator, suction turbines, electrical control panel, electrical inverter panel, control columns, connection piping and much more.

Below are a few examples of central vacuum systems from the overview down to the individual elements.


Each centralized vacuum system can be customized both in the number of stations and in the optional programmes (in addition to vacuum). All systems include an initial design phase in which the details related to the implementation phase are defined.

Masonry works

Technical room


The A.D. system has two filter chambers as standard.

The first chamber (called SEPARATOR) interrupts the flow of heavy dust, where 95% of it is retained.

The second chamber (called FILTER UNIT) blocks all remaining dust.


Our technology guarantees the same suction capacity from the first to the last point in simultaneous operation.


Remote control can be arranged where required. Remote diagnostics allows the status of the system to be viewed from any location: check for faults and anomalies, system settings, programme times, token reports, etc.


The system includes 2 mm thick 304 stainless steel piping and the provision of an automatic cleaning system (to be carried out once a year).


The control columns are also customizable, you can choose between columns or boxes. It is also possible to add (as an option) other programmes: compressed air, perfume, tyre blacking, etc.


As the entire system can be configured according to individual needs and preferences, even the suction lance support can be customized, it can be a stand-alone accessory or integrated with accessories or control columns.


  • Structure and piping in 304 stainless steel.
  • Space optimization.
  • Noise reduced.
  • Single-point dust collection.
  • Customizable control columns with optional programmes (e.g. compressed air, tyre blacking, perfume).
  • Remote diagnostics and remote control (optional).
  • Automatic filter cleaning.
  • Graphic customization.

Since the central vacuum cleaner system is a subjective and customisable system, it is advisable to consult the

and then discuss all the features directly with us.