Self-Vending SV-96

Self-vending dispenser Floor Setting



Technical caracteristics

Self-Vending SV-96 is completely made of stainless steel 304, anchorable to the floor or wall. Inside, there are four columns of 24 shelves each that can deliver a single product.
On the upper front door they are placed four exhibition windows, protected by a very thick sheet of plexiglass, in which you can put the product addressed to each single column, so that the client can physically see what he can buy.
The central door foresees two lockable and burgar-proof steel bars, a communication display which can be configured in three languages​​ (it is possible to add also other languages).
The display shows the cost of the product, the possible exhaustion of the product, the selected product and the possible configuration of the machine.
On the lateral part there are placed four metal buttons for the selection of the product, four green lights indicating the presence of the product and four red lights indicating the exhausted product.
The payment system is customizable with electronic coin, prepaid sticks, banknotes etc.
In the lower part there is an illuminated drawer for the collection of the dispensed product.
For the installation it is enough the 230V electrical connection and the machine fixing.

What can be delivered?
The machine, thanks to its simple design, can deliver various articles that can be pre-packaged in hard or soft wrapper, (products into envelopes, perfumes for car, or other of different shape assorted accessories or measure) or items that can be delivered without any packaging.

The machine cannot erogate food or pressurized containers.


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