4 Programs Vacuum-cleaner U4P

One machine, four programs



4 Programs Vacuum-cleaner U4P

P1 – SELF CLEANING FILTER: The self-cleaning filter does not require manual cleaning and it always allows a constant aspiration. There is no need to worry about cleaning the clogged filter to ensure the effective vacuum cleaner operations (simply empty the dust collection drum every 15 days). We recommend replacing the filter every two or three years.

P2 – COMPRESSED AIR: the best solution to remove the dust for the inaccessible spots (note: it is necessary the coming of the air the from your compressor).

P3 – ANTIBACTERICAL SCENT: Ideal to spray an antibacterical scent inside the vehicle

P4 – TYRE BLACKING: Ideal to spray and polish tires after washing machines.

The liquid product must be ready to be used (P3 and P4). The product is pushed by a pump through a circuit which will end with a nozzle placed on the grip. The same nebulizes the product giving the possibility to obtain a uniform result.

Functioning: tokens and coins. Inserting the coin the machine is activating for a fixed time, it is possible to switch from one program to another with the same coin, also in different times. A plc checks the managing of the time and adequates automatically the prices.


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